Should I Get Gas or Electric Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Starting a commercial kitchen can be incredibly rewarding. It lets you pursue your passion for cooking while serving the community with mouthwatering meals. It’s also the perfect opportunity to gain more profit.

However, before you open your doors to the public, you must consider what equipment you want to use, including choosing between gas or electrical tools. While it’s understandable that you want to minimise the costs, you must ensure you’re making an informed decision to help your business succeed and save money in the long run. After all, these appliances will keep your commercial kitchen running.

This article will differentiate gas and electric equipment by looking at their capital cost factors and their daily operation costs.

Gas vs. Electric Equipment: What’s the Difference?

Before buying your commercial kitchen equipment, you must consider the pros and cons of gas and electric-powered appliances to make an informed decision.

Gas Equipment

Gas-operated appliances are usually more costly than electric equipment because of the additional costs associated with installation and the devices themselves. However, gas is more cost-effective heating than electricity because of its higher heat output and lower operating costs. Moving around gas equipment is more challenging because you must ensure a connected gas line to the new location.

You can measure the gas’s higher heat output in British Thermal Units (BTUs), and this increased output requires more expensive equipment and installation costs.

Note: You should never attempt installing gas appliances in a commercial kitchen. Instead, let a professional team set them up correctly and safely. It’s also crucial to ensure a proper and up-to-code installation to avoid potential issues or risks.

Electric Equipment

Electric-powered devices are much easier to move around than those that rely on gas. If you need to move an electrically-powered device, you only need to move it towards another available electrical outlet.

How Do These Options Differ in Capital Cost Factors?

When establishing a commercial kitchen, installing gas appliances can be more expensive because you need a professional to properly set up the gas supply. Your contractor will also install a gas stub from the main gas feed to the commercial kitchen equipment.

On the other hand, electric appliances are more cost-effective because they require less installation. You only need to plug them into a wall outlet to use them. You may also need a higher voltage for other appliances, which can increase installation costs.

What Are Their Daily Operation Costs?

Electricity is a more efficient energy form than gas because it requires less fuel to achieve the same results. It means that the converted power will be more beneficial than gas appliances. Gases lose energy by releasing gas vapours, whereas electricity doesn’t.

You should also remember that gas kitchens can be hotter than electric kitchens and require more energy to keep cool, but they’re also more cost-effective daily.

Another thing you should do is calculate the gas and electric fuel costs over time to determine which is more cost effective and if the operational prices offset the initial purchase’s capital cost.

Gas vs. Electric Equipment: What Works Best for Me?

Suppose you want to make a wise choice for your commercial kitchen equipment. In that case, ask yourself how often you’ll operate your gas or electric device, the location of your eating establishment, your operation hours, and the price differences. You should also consider the equipment’s mobility and break-even points.

Important to Remember

You should also consider the ongoing expenses when finding the right equipment. While it may be easy to focus solely on the initial costs, it can be misleading if the machine has higher running costs than other models.


Establishing a commercial kitchen can be an exciting experience. Determining if you need gas or electric equipment and working with professional technicians can help you make the best choice for your organisation.

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